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My FAVORITE Final Scenes

Let me tell you, only idiots would click this and expected no spoiler.  And...this is my third attempt to write something in English, lol.  Sorry for any grammatical error! 

My own criteria(s) :
1. The FINAL scene (not the credit) must be included.
2. The final scene should be under 6 (six) minutes.
3. It's about the final SCENE, not the final story or twist.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

After the storm, the rainbow will come.  And after summer, the autumn will come.  That's how I feel about break-up (nah, I've never had any break-up so far, lol).  You know, I really hate it when my friends get whiny about boys, relationship, break-up, etc.  WE (WERE) JUST FREAKING 14 YEARS OLD, IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, gee, how much people met their husband/wife or commit at that age?  Let's just say that Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) really reflected my JHS friends.  Childish and whiny.  The point is, why we should think that every person we meet or met, is our soulmate?  Why can't we just enjoy it, like Summer (Zooey Deschanel)?

Anyway, this is why I love the ending : Sometimes, people decide to separate and they meet another people.  I'm glad that Tom matured and just forgot about Summer.  And maybe he would enjoy and more relax in romantic relationship.  And like I wrote before : After the storm, the rainbow will come.  And after summer, the autumn will come.

P.S : Unfortunately, I can't find the video on youtube.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

It's not only my favorite final scene, but I personally think that A Clockwork Orange's final scene is one of the most magnificent ending I've ever seen.  It showed me that not all people's core personality could be changed.  I really love Malcolm McDowell's expression.  Alex DeLarge is simply one of the greatest movie's performance I've ever seen.

My interpretation : Alex was 'cured', as in he's back as his old-self.  He was cured from the brainwash.

Annie Hall (1977)


I really love the cinematography.  Woody Allen shot it in long range.  When I watched the movie, it was like seeing Annie (Diane Keaton) and Alvy (Woody Allen) from far away.  The scene was shot beautifully.  Th reason why the scene 'seems' sad, is because Diane Keaton's Seems Like Old Times.  Without that song, the scene would become flat.  It really gave the emotion that was needed.

And the earlier scene, where Alvy saw an actor and an actress reenacted his rejection from Annie, and it had happy ending instead!  And how Alvy stared at the camera and told the viewers about the play, his stare just hit me!  It's like he's actually longing for the happy ending with Annie.
...we need the eggs. -Alvy Singer

video credit : jenniferchuka from youtube.  

Before Sunset (2004)

This scene is the 'break' time from this movie.  After Linklater, Delpy, and Hawke had fed us with relationship and life, the viewers were given a moment to see a different side of Celine.  Let's say that it's a feel-good scene, the only thing you have to do is sit and enjoy...oh wait, that's two things :p

Celine (Julie Delpy) : You're gonna miss the plane, baby.
Jesse (Ethan Hawke) : I know.

The best 'I know' and of the best ending from a romance movie.  I like Before Sunset's ending better than Before Sunrise, but as a whole movie, Before Sunrise is still better :)

Before Midnight (2013)

I'm really speechless.  The ending has a bittersweet feeling which I think really describes a realistic commitment of man and woman in their 40s.  Sometimes, not every problem has to be solved :)  You just forget it, forgive your partner, and life goes on.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Dear Mr. Vernon

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... ...and an athlete... ...and a basket case... ...a princess... ...and a criminal.

Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

source :

Nope, Bender's (Judd Nelson) fist is not the best thing about the scene.  The reason why I really love the scene is because John Hughes didn't tell the viewers what would happen at Monday. 

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I bet you guys know how superhero movies usually end, right?  Well, in story, The Dark Knight Rises ended like those superhero movies.  The hero survived, got the girl, and blablabla.  

But in scene?  Well, it's totally different!  Christopher Nolan geniusly (?) shot and created it.  It didn't look cliche when I watched it in cinema.  I love how he put all the cuts.  As a whole movie, I still prefer The Dark Knight (2008), but in final scene, I prefer The Dark Knight Rises.  Also, JGL is Robin!

The Graduate (1967)

You know what I feel every time I watch cliche rom-com's ending?  I think : THAT'S IT?  I feel awkward and know, what now?  And The Graduate's final scene really hit me when I watched it for the first time.  They matured, 'cause they finally made their own decisions.  And they would face the real relationship, not just any romance.  So...what now?

P.S : It's a bit funny, but somehow The Graduate quite reminds of an Indonesian movie called Badai Pasti Berlalu (The Storm will surely pass) (1977). 

Inception (2010)

Christopher Nolan's 'punishment' for those who didn't pay attention at the movie, lol.  Welcome home, Mr. Cobb.

Manhattan (1979)

It's really odd to see the Woody Allen decides that he needs the girl, and fights for her.  After Mary (Diane Keaton) had left Isaac (Woody Allen), Isaac realized that Tracy (Mariel Hemmingway) was the one he loved.  And Woody Allen handled this scene with no dramatic-cheesy scene!  I personally think that Isaac took a role as Tracy's father figure and lover.  Nope, not in a sick way.  Why as a dad?  'Cause the way he said that he's worry for her is just so sweet and sincere!  Like how he said that Tracy should grow up too fast.  Why as a lover?  Well, Isaac used to see Tracy as his...'lolita', but after he had realized how much she'd grown, he saw her as a woman. 
Plus, I love his sincere smile.  

This scene is a prove why Woody Allen was called 'a cinema treasure' by Roger Ebert.

Memories of Murders (2003)

Det. Park : Did you see his (the murderer) face?
The girl : *nods*
Det. Park : What did he look like?
The girl : Well...he looked kind of plain
Det. Park : In what way?
The Girl : Just...ordinary.
The director is less interested in showing us who the killer is. He is more interested in showing the darkness of human nature. "Kind of plain", that was the girl's reply. The inspectors, they're the best embodiment of that change in the film. The Seoul detective, who is more rational and logical at first, ends up almost shooting a suspect in desperation. The director, in my opinion, is implying that the killer could be anyone, because he's just like the rest of us, we all have it in us. -Hammy102 from youtube
The Mist (2007)

The twists really shocked me.  It actually taught me to never give up.  And I'm serious.

Never Let Me Go (2010)

Oh God, one of the most beautiful and emotional final scene.  I'm actually happy that Mark Romanek didn't show that Tommy was really dead.  Or Carey Mulligan really cried in this scene.  That would only make the 'pride' of this movie lower.  Although I feel that Rachel Portman's We All Complete score is kinda depressing, I think that score is really fit in the movie and the final scene.  'Cause both the novel and the movie are depressing.

But the last 45 seconds is a redemption.  I love how there's no music at all and Kathy (Carey Muliigan) just stared at the field with teary eyes and chest that kept heaving.  No, she didn't cry, but her eyes were teary and her chest kept heaving.  That scene isn't depressing, it's beautiful and emotional.  
We all complete. -Kathy H.
Oldboy (2003)


It's beautifully made!  The main power is (of course) Choi Min Sik's expression.  From the beginning until the end, Choi showed us that there's still an actor in the same level as Jack Nicholson and Robert de Niro.  And if I have three wishes, one of my wish is to see Jack Nicholson, Robert de Niro, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Choi Min Sik, and Song Kang Ho in one movie, lol. 

I'm really sorry that I'm unable to make a deep analysis about the final scene.  He was touched by Mi-do's warmness and loved by her too.  He's happy because he was with Mi-do (Kang Hye Jung), in the real world.  And Mi-do was REAL too, and what I mean by real is that Mi-do is his biological daughter.  He knew the truth.  And somehow, Oh Dae Su (Choi Min Sik) was immune by the hypnotic 'cause he already used to hypnotic.

The Social Network (2010)

One of the most ironic and 'tragic' ending.  When you become successful, you should listen to Beatles's Baby You're a Rich Man and celebrate it with your friends, right?  Well, Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) celebrated it alone.  He just sat in front of his computer, and waited for his ex-girlfriend (Rooney Mara) confirm on facebook.

The Social Network itself started with irony.  Facebook, a SOCIAL media, was created by a geeky ANTI social.  The point is, even with Beatles's cheerful song, I personally found this scene is bitter.  Baby You're a Rich Man is like a mock in this scene.  And the last sentence : Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in this world.  I think it's amusing to found that sentence with Zuckerberg sat in front of his computer, alone, with no smiling face.  
You can't make 500 million friends without making a few enemies.
Titanic (1997)


Let's just say that James Cameron's Titanic is my first crush on movie, lol.  I don't know, something about the movie really stayed on my brain and heart when I was eight or nine.   There's always something about the ship and Jack-Rose couple that's so pop and really fit with movie-buffs and maybe 'amateur' viewers. 

Well, I'm not eight or nine anymore.  I've been growing up with other movies, and I realized two years ago that Jack and Rose's love isn't logical.  How come you fall in love with a person that you've just known for at least three fucking days?  That's why from the beginning, what Jack and Rose had shared was totally a dream.  Maybe that's why I love this scene, it's like a redemption for Jack and Rose's irrational love.

But why I like more, is that all people from all classes are in one room.

And cut!  Those are my favorite final scenes?  How about yours?  Sorry 'cause my grammar is kinda messy.  I'm just confused when should I use past tense or present tense-___-

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