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Thursday Movie Picks: Teen Angst

Howdy, readers! It's been a damn long time since I release Thursday Movie Picks. Hello for my old usual readers and welcome to new readers! Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly three-film recommendation from certain. This meme is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves.   If you want to know more, please visit this link.

What is one of the first thing we think about teenagers? That's right: angst. Angst because you are seen too emotional, too young but too old, too ignorant and too idealist at the same time. As a teenager myself, I think it's funny that so many adults think that teenagers are ignorant, party-obsessed, and lustful, while I witness my friends having debates - both logical and passionate - and being critical, being bullied. Teenagers are as complex as adults, both the people and the world, but since so many people forget about the, boom, an angst is born.

1. Thread of Lies (Lee Han, 2014)


A mother and a daughter have to face a bitter reality after their daughter and younger sister left them by suicide. The older sister stars to investigate what kind of life her younger sister lives by meeting her young sister's "friends".

I don't know what to say about this film. I think I have to rewatch this again because I even confused by my own opinion about this film. I think the family drama in this film is pretty good, but it makes the bullying sub-plot less solid. There are some scenes I would like to cut.

But I like how so many aspects of bullying are present in this film. Like, how sometimes people do not realize that they actually hurt someone, how bully victims sometimes do not see themselves as a bully victim and try to normalize what happen to them, the "gray" people who neither help the bully victim nor support the bully, etc.

2. Tag (Sion Sono, 2015)


Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) is a timid schoolgirl who likes to write poem. One day, she has to face something powerful and fearful as all of her friends are killed in a blink. As she survives the tag, she finds herself a new identity and new friends.

THIS FILM HAS ONE OF THE BEST OPENING SCENE I EVER WATCH. By the way, this is also the first Sion Sono's film I watched, so please forgive my ignorance, LOL. 

I can't really tell you why I pick this gory film in "Teen Angst" week because it will ruin all the fun, LOL.

P.S: It's also because I don't really the message of the film. I understand the message after I read some of its reviews.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky, 2012)

Ah yes, the ultimate modern, typica, teenage angst film.

Charlie (Logan Lerman) is an introverted freshman who likes to write. His life is changed forever after he meets Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller).

I guess one of the thing I like about Perks is that it brings something new other than typical everyday-teenage-angst. It also talks about homophobia and mental illness, something that classics like The Breakfast Club and Rebel Without a Cause have done. I'm not saying that Perks is the pioneer of that because I bet earlier underground films had done that before this film. Also, the novel is a lot darker than the film, which is a sad thing. I love the soundtrack though.

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  1. Interesting picks unfortunately none of which I've seen.

    Every time I hear it mentioned I have every intention of watching Wallflower and then promptly forget but I went and queued it up this time so maybe I'll actually get to it.

    The premise of Tag is very similar to a British film I recently saw called New Year's Day but it involved two young male teens who survive an avalanche on a ski trip that kills all their friends and how the two react differently, and in some ways the same, to the incident. I should try and track yours down to see how they compare.

    Thread of Lies sounds very intense.

    I tried for a blend of tones in mine with some comedy and drama mixed together.

    Kitten with a Whip (1964)-After shivving a guard and trying to torch juvie hall, delinquent hellcat Jody (Ann-Margret) takes it on the lam roosting at the coop of rising politico David Patton (John Forsythe). Mad for a pad to lay low she puts the shine on him while throwing off lingo like "Why do you think you're such a smoky somethin' when you're nothin' painted blue?" Cool to her ridicule he gives her the gate. She splits but flies back to his igloo with two other hooligans and forces Dave to burn rubber down Tijuana way, it’s a bad scene though and they’re all slated for crashville. The tagline for this far-out opus? “She’s all out for Kicks…and every inch of her spells EXCITEMENT! She’s a real smoky kitten!” Its mad hipster crazy cool, baby!

    The Doom Generation (1995)-Two disconnected teenagers pick up sexy drifter Xavier, who radiates a savage vibe and who leads them down a path loaded with sex and violence. As they travel through a series of small towns a cloud of doom hangs over them which no matter how they try clings to them.

    Teen Wolf (1985)-Scott (Michael J. Fox) is a normal mopey teen mooning over a girl who doesn’t know he exists and playing on a losing basketball team. Then he begins to notice when he gets upset he starts to feel different. He father pulls him aside and shares something he’s kept from him. Surprise! He’s part werewolf. By letting his inner beast out he becomes popular, the girl notices him and the team starts winning but he has to control his anger or the wolf will take over. Silly but fun comedy is helped immeasurably by Fox’s charm in the lead.

    Honorable Mention-To Sir, with Love (1967)-Unable to find a job in his chosen profession American Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) accepts a position teaching a group of angry rebellious teens in Eastern London. Using somewhat unorthodox methods he confronts their initial jibes and defiance ultimately garnering their respect and helping them work through their angst.

    Welcome back!

    1. Thread of Lies is not that instense tho. I give it 7,5 out of 10. I think it will be a hit or a miss for some people. That films impacts me personslly, so yeah...

      Teen wolf and the doom generation have been in my watchlist for a damn long time.

      I will look up to the british film you mentioned then.

  2. Not heard of the first two picks - they sound unusual. Not an Emma Watson fan so I steered clear of Perks, which is a shame as I like the rest of the cast.

  3. I have not seen any of these films but the first one...Thread of Lives, sounds very interesting especially about the bullying.

    1. I will only say to just dont have high expectation

  4. I haven't seen either of the first two, but they sound interesting. I'm especially curious about Tag since Sono's movies tend to be on the crazy side. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is marvelous.

    1. It is still crazy,but it has also some angst as well

  5. I've never heard of the first two before, but they sound interesting. Adding them to my watchlist right now. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was simply amazing.