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Thursday Movie Picks #37: All in the Family Edition: Mother-Daughter

I know it's not Thursday...but whatever.

Mermaid (Richard Benjamin, 1990)

Mermaid is an underexposed (and perhaps underrated) film. The story is both touching and hilarious, the dialogue is witty and quirky, and the actors are wonderful. The best thing about Mermaid is perhaps how honest it is in showing a relationship between family. People usually throw some cheesy conflict and shallow characters for a family film. Well, Mermaid contains 'cheesy conflict' and not-so-deep characters, but the witty dialogue, liveliness, and quirkiness make it so refreshing. I love how Winona Ryder expresses the awkwardness from Charlotte. Cher just does whatever she wants and little Christina Ricci is the anchor of Flax's family.

Wedding Dress (Kwon Hyung Jin, 2010)

Oh, this film is really cheesy. Nothing groundbreaking or unusual about this film. However, Kim Hyang Ki and Song Yoon Ah did a good job on each of their roles. But I gotta give more credits to Kim. Not only she acted very good for someone her age, but she did a better job than Song.

Ko Woon (Song Yoon Ah) is a single mother who works as a wedding dress designer. She lives with her only daughter, Sora (Kim Hyang Ki). Sora is a shy girl who doesn't have friends, and her mother's business doesn't help it. One day, Ko Woon is informed that she has a few days left to live. She decides to fill her last days to cheer Sora up.

Freaky Friday (Mark Waters, 2003)

The best thing about this film is seeing Jamie Lee Curtis riding a motorcycle with a rocker dude.

But seriously, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are very convincing in the whole switching body thing. They really seem switching bodies! However, Curtis did a better job than Lohan. She really seems like a whiny teenager stuck in a grown-up's body, while Lohan seems like a goody-two-shoes bitch. I wish the film dig more on the mother-daughter relationship, though. I always feel that the film ends too smoothly. They just learn how hard it is to be the other one, but they never have a heart-to-heart talk or some sorts of it.

Still, I love this film!

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  1. I only know this Freaky Friday! Yay! I just knew that it's a remake, but it's funny Lol

  2. I haven't seen Wedding Dress but Mermaids is a very sweet movie and it's quirkiness suits Cher's personality to a tee. Bob Hoskins at first seems like odd casting but he and Cher make sense as a couple and I loved him as an actor.

    While I prefer the first version of Freaky Friday this is a decent remake and I agree Jamie Lee is better than Lohan.