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The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

A scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off that never fails to make my day brighter. Credits to Huffington Post.

Howdy readers! Can't believe it's more than one year since the last time I updated this blog! Ah, my poor, poor blog. Sorry for abandoning you baby, I've been so busy and mager lately.

Gue gak percaya gue mati data Sunshine Blogger Awards anjir! Thank you very much Erlita from It Caught My Eyes!

Here are some rules to follow if you want to take a part in this award:

  • Post the award in your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer their 11 questions
  • Choose another 11 bloggers (and let them know about this nomination)
  • Give them 11 questions
Now, I'm going to answer eleven questions from It Caught My Eyes!

1. Pitch a crossover movie using existing characters from a medium of your choosing (movies, comic books, or novels).

I want a crossover where Gandalf (LOtR)is actually a very far relative of Dumbledore (Harry Potter series) and when Dumbledore uses the time turner, he meets Gandalf (X-Men series) and they go to an adventure where they meet Gandalf's evil twin from another universe, who is actually Magneto. Gandalf and Dumbledore will help Magneto in repairing the latter's relationship with Professor X (X-Men series). Once Professor X and Magneto unites, Gandalf gets glimpses of his soulmate who is also in another universe, who turns out to be Captain Jean Luc-Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation). But since their world is too different, they can not unite like Magneto and Professor X.

2. Name one unpopular opinion about Star Wars.

Not a big fan of any of its movies so far, I only like the characters. I don't know, I find Star Wars' films as boring and too old-fashioned for my taste. But like I said, I dig the characters and the scores.

3. It’s 2 am, you can’t sleep and you’re home alone. What movie would you watch?

Either a safe critically-acclaimed movie or a very pretentious arthouse that would make me look more sophisticated, haha. I just watched a movie by Chantal Akerman last night and fifteen minutes felt like more than an hour to me.

4. Some people have a song they’d rather not listen again because it hurts too much. What’s yours?

I don't think there is a song that hurts me that bad. But I usually skip Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter and Big Bang's If You (yes, Big Bang, the same group that sings Fantastic Baby) because they are too sad for me.

5. Change the ending of a movie, and make a character ends up with someone else.

I would pair Draco Malfoy with Hermione Granger. Dramione shipper until forever!11!

Oh, I would also make the ending of Comrades: Almost a Love Story less cliche and make it more ambiguous like Murakami's Norwegian Wood.

6. What concert you would kill to watch?

From recent musicians, I would kill to watch BTS, a Kpop group. If there was a time machine, I would definitely kill anyone to watch The Beatles, Queen, and David Bowie and Annie Lennox's Under Pressure live.

7. BBC series time, Doctor Who or Sherlock?

I haven't watched any of Doctor Who's episode, so Sherlock for me. David Tennant is a hottie tho.

8. What’s your all time favorite music video?

The only thing in my mind right now is MINO - BODY. Watch it once and you will get pregnant soon. I also like Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love and Rap Monster - Do You. Oh, and Winner - Sentimental because it makes me falling in love with Winner. SHINee - Married to the Music is a great homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show, and f(x) - 4 Walls is very aesthetic.

Okay I should shut up because the answer can turn into a list of my favorite kpop music videos, LOL.

9. If you could direct a movie, who would you choose to pen the script: Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore?

Neither. I'm not familiar with their style, and I want the characters and cast in my family as diverse as possible.

10. Pick an existing movie, and re-cast the main characters… with Indonesian actors and actresses.

Since I'm a lazy potato...I'm going to answer the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. 

Elizabeth Bennet > Keira Knightley > Dian Sastrowardoyo
Mr. Darcy > Matthew MacFadyen > Nicholas Saputra
Jane Bennet > Rosamund Pike > Ladya Cheryl
Charles Bingley > Simon Woods > Samuel Rizal?
Mr. Bennet > Donald Sutherland > Roy Marthen
Mrs. Bennet > Brenda Blethyn > Meriam Belina
Mr. Collins > Tom Hollander > Dennis Adhiswara (too young huh?)
Lady Catherine > Judi Dench > Christine Hakim...I seriously can't think any Indonesian actress who would fit Lady Catherine's role other than her.

I actually thought long how Ada Apa Dengan Cinta is kinda like Pride and Prejudice, but the social class difference is swapped between Rangga and Cinta, and the who is Mr. Darcy and who is Elizabeth between Rangga and Cinta was kinda blurred in the film. Moreover, Cinta had four friends while Elizabeth had four sisters.

11. What song you would play at your own funeral?

Ennio Morricone's masterpiece, which is the main theme of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Now, eleven questions from me!

1. What non-romantic song would you play at your wedding?
2. Which Indonesian musician whose life would you create as a base of a film?
3. Which country has the best wave i.e Hong Kong second wave, French New Wave, etc.
4. Name three films you would recommend to a rookie in indie and classic films.
5. What non-horror film you would remake as a horror film?
6. Which classic western novel you would make as an Indonesian film?
7. Which classic Indonesian novel you would remake as a non-Indonesian film?
8. Which film defines love for you? (it can be any kind of love, including non-romantic one)
9. Is there a film that makes you crying out of happiness or gratefulness?
10. If you can edit a scene from any movie, what song would you put into the scene?
11. The best YA (young adult) movie series?

These are the blogs I nominate for this award:

4. Cinejour
5-11 You can partake this award as long as you thank me in your post :)

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  1. Okay, first of all:

    Your crossover is such a bomb. It's crazy, it's out of this world, and I honestly love it. You should put that on Kickstarter and see if someone would like to fund it! (I'm sure they would, really).

    AND BLESS YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC VIDEO CHOICES I LOVE THEM ALL TOO! Well, aside from Rap Monster because I haven't watched that. So I'd like to recommend the music video of Gray and Loco - Good, along with Park Kyung - Inferiority Complex. And Leesang - The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave.

    ALSO. MOST IMPORTANTLY: DRAMIONE SHIPPER UNITE!! I was thinking about them when I wrote that question and you took the answer right out of my mind THAT IS AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for participating, really enjoyed reading your answers! :D

    1. The only MV ive watched from your recommendation is Leessang, and its pretty good! I will have to watch the others asap.